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Главная » 2014 » Ноябрь » 17 » Рождественский сценарий для детей
Рождественский сценарий для детей
Вед№1:Good afternoon, dear children and guests of our Chr. Concert. We are glad to see you in this magic hall. The candles are lit, the chr tree is glittering with lights, the fire is burning. Its time to begin the festival- the festival of Christmas.

( 6-е классы – песня « Jingle bells»)

Вед№2: On the 25th of December people celebrate Chr- a beautiful holiday, which is loved by children and adults, when everything is decorated with lights and toys, when we see chr tree everywhere, when people buy presents and cook special food, send cards and have parties. And well celebrate this holiday now.

(песня «Christmas tree»)

Вед№1: On this great day Jesus Christ was born……

Ангел: Hark! The herald angels sings?

Glory to the newborn king!

Peace on earth and mercy mild

God and sinners reconciled!

Вед№2: On Chr people follow very interesting customs and traditions. We are ready to hear about them. ( учащиеся рассказывают о традициях)

Presents. Friends and relatives give presents to each other. They put gifts under the chr tree. The right time to open bright parcels is on chr morning. And then people go to church and wish each other a *Merry Christmas*
Stockings. Children hang beautiful stockings on their beds and fire-place. At night Santa Claus climbs down the chimney and puts presents into the stockings. Children are always happy to find their gifts in the morning.
Santa Claus. S.C. wears a red suit and carries a big bag with a lot of toys for children. He has a white beard and many magical creatures help him to deliver all presents. S.C. travels on reindeer and visits children at night. They believe that S.C. brings them gifts and leave them under the chr tree or in the stockings.
Chr.tree. A lot of families have a chr tree. The children decorate it with little colorful lights and sweets. There is a beautiful star on the top. The chr tree is a symbol of enturnal life. Finding presents under the chr tree is the most exciting moment for everybody.
Decorations. Not only chr tree decorates the houses in chr time. Children like making different ornaments and lights. Rooms are decorated with colorful paper ribbons. Holly with berries is put everywhere. And it’s a happy tradition to kiss under the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling.
Turkey. The traditional chr dish is roast turkey, potatoes and vegetables. Chr pudding is a very rich, hot cake eaten with brandy sauce. All families gather together and have a tasty chr dinner.
Corals. During the holiday people like singing special chr songs-corals which are religious and tell about the birth of Jesus Christ. And we would like to listen one of the most beautiful corals *Holy night*

Вед№1: There are a lot of poems about chr. I know that our children have leant some of them. Please, recite your poems for our guests.

(5-е классы – стихи)

Вед№2: Have a look at our chr tree. How its wonderful. Can you hear? Our tale is beginning.

(сценка )

Narrator: It's Christmas time at the North Pole. It's snowing outside and it's very cold. In Santa's workshop the elves are busy. But it's Christmas time, so they're very happy!

Chief Elf: Hurry up! Hurry up! Christmas is coming!

Elf 1: Christmas is coming! Christmas is near!

Elf 3: Christmas is coming!

Elf 2: Everyone cheer! Who's at the door? Who can it be?

Elf 3: Who's at the door? Open and see!

Mrs Claus: It's Peter, the postman! Please come in!

Peter: Hello everybody!

Chief Elf: Hi, Peter! Come in!

Peter: Here you are! This bag's for you.

Mrs Claus: It's very big!

Chief Elf: And heavy, too!

Peter: It's full of letters from around the world. From every little boy and girl!

Chief Elf: Christmas lists for Santa Claus!

Elf 2: From all the little girls and boys!

Peter: Well, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have lots of fun!

Chief Elf: A Merry Christmas to you, too!

Elf 2: Good bye, Peter. See you soon!

Song – Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming!

The goose is getting fat.

Please put a penny in the old man's hat.

If you haven't got a penny,

a half-penny will do.

If you haven't got that, then God bless you.

2 scene

Санта Клаус получает много писем от ребят с пожеланиями, поэтому его мешок всегда заполнен подарками. Если Санта не поторопится – то он может не успеть раздать всем детям подарки. В мастерской все эльфы и жена Санты – Миссис Клаус помогают Санта Клаусу собрать мешок с подарками в дорогу и погрузить его в волшебные сани.

Narrator: The presents are ready – it's Christmas Eve! Now it's time for Santa to leave!

Mrs Claus: Letters, letters everywhere from little girls and boys.

Chief Elf: The children ask Santa to send them lots and lots of toys.

Santa: Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho! It's nearly time for me to go!

Chief Elf: It's nearly time, Santa Claus.

Elf 2: To visit all the girls and boys.

Santa: Lots and lots of lovely presents!

Chief Elf: They're ready, Santa.

Santa: Oh, thank heavens!

Elf 3: A doll for Mary, a teddy for John

Santa: There's a present here for everyone! Happy children, everywhere.

Elf 2: Time to go, Santa. Please take care!

Santa: Time to fly!

Elf 1: Everything's ready so, goodbye!

Chief Elf: Away you go! On your sleigh over the snow!


It's Christmas time! It's Christmas time!

Giving-away-the-presents time.

One for you and one for me.

Wrap them up and under the tree!

It's Christmas time! It's Christmas time!

Laughing-and-singing-and-happy time.

Here's a bike and there's a ball.

Wrap them up and give them all!

3 scene

Олени во главе с Рудольфом уже ждут Санта Клауса во дворе. Как только нос Рудольфа загорится, упряжка оленей тронется в путь и понесется по звездному небу.

Narrator: Santa's reindeer are waiting outside. They're getting ready to fly.

Rudolph: Hello, Santa. Here's your sleigh!

Santa: Well done, reindeer! Let's fly away! Here's Comet, here's Cupid. Here's Dasher and Vixen.

Vixen: Here's Dancer and Prancer. Here's Donner and Blitzen!

Santa: And what about Rudolph? Are you ready to go?

Rudolph: One minute, Santa. Let me make my nose glow! We're ready to go, so hold on tight!

Santa: Rudolph, your nose is so bright tonight. Don't worry, children. We're on our way to you.

We'll be there for Christmas Day!

Santa: Christmas magic, Christmas fun! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Get ready! Get ready! It's time to go! (15 слайд)

Get ready! Get ready! We mustn't be slow!

The sky is dark. The sack is full.

Get ready! Get ready, the sleigh to pull.

Get ready! Get ready! We're leaving tonight.

Get ready! Get ready! It's Christmas Night.

The moon is up. The stars are bright.

Get ready! Get ready, this Christmas Eve night.

4 scene

Санта Клаус долетел на волшебных санях в город к домику, где живут Джон и Мери. Дети спят сладким сном, а два ангела охраняют их сон. Какие же подарки приготовил Санта для них, давайте посмотрим.

Narrator: Santa's in the city now. At John and Mary's house. The children are sleeping in their beds with two small angels overhead!

Angel 1:Quiet, Santa! Watch your step! John and Mary are both in bed!

John: Mary! Mary! What's that noise?

Mary: Maybe it's Santa with our toys!

Santa: Merry Christmas, Mary dear!

Mary: Santa! Wow! You're really here!

Santa: Merry Christmas, John, my boy! You were good, so here's your toy!

John: Thank you, Santa. Wow! A teddy! I will call him Little Eddy!

Mary: Some milk and cookies, just for you. Now it's my turn to say thank you!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you have a lot of fun!

Вед№1: Chr is a happy time not only for adults but especially for children. They are looking forward to getting presents and also they enjoy playing different games. Lets play. Lets have fun.

( игры)

Вед№2: You know, our children are very talented. So, they prepared a play for all of us.

(сценка И.П.)

Вед№1:Do you hear? What a magic sound? Oh, angels are coming. They are happy and they are dancing on Christmas.

( танец)

Вед№2: I believe our guests also would like to dance. Please, stand up in a circle and dance to the song *If you are happy…*

( 9-е классы)

Вед№1: Oh, well done. Sit down, please and its time to train our brain. We have some riddles about chr for you. If you guess the right answer, you will get a present.

( загадки)

Вед№2: Our concert is coming to the end. Now you know everything about this wonderful holiday-christmas. And we wish you health, wealth and happiness. We wish you peace and joy in the New Year.

(песня*We wish you a Merry Christmas*)

We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year!

Good tidings we bring,

To you and your kin,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

And a Happy New Year!

The end
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