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Главная » 2014 » Ноябрь » 18 » Сценарий на 14 февраля 2015 для взрослых
Сценарий на 14 февраля 2015 для взрослых
Звучит музыка. Ребята встречают гостей и проводят их по залу, соблюдая при этом нормы этикета и правила хорошего тона. Учителя английского языка выходят на сцену и произносят вступительное слово под звуки записи песни на английском языке.

Teacher: Love! Happiness! Beauty! There are not so many days in a year when we pronounce these pleasant words. Today you have an excellent chance to plunge into the atmosphere of love and camaraderie, to take part in party –games, to practice the use of some pleasant words and expressions on this special occasion.

Happy St.Valentine’s Day!

По сцене навстречу друг другу медленно идут юноша и девушка (ведущие праздника). При этом юноша читает стихотворение и дарит розу девушке.

Here’s a special valentine

With lots of love for you

And since you’re very special

Here are hugs and Kisses, too!

Затем ведущие поворачиваются к публике и здороваются с ней.

Ведущий 1 (В1): Ladies and gentlemen! Good evening!

Ведущий 2 (В2): It’s lovely to meet you here, at Valentine’s party!

Исполняется песня из репертуара “Scorpions”.

B1: It’s here again, the day when boys and girls, sweethearts and lovers, husbands and wives, friends and neighbours, and even the office staff will exchange greetings of affection, undying love or satirical comment.

B2: St.Valentine’s Day, February 14, has been a customary day for choosing sweethearts and exchanging love-tokens from time immemorial. The method of choosing sweethearts on St. Valentine’s Day varied in different times and places. It could be a serious matter leading to marriage, or it could be a kind of game. Countless generations of young people have acknowledged St. Valentine as the friend and patron of lovers.

B1: What kind of holiday is St.Valentine’s Day?

B2: St.Valentine’s Day is a religious holiday, which is celebrated in Great Britain, in many European countries and in the USA. St.Valentine’s Day has roots in several legends.

B1:One of the early symbols of love is Cupid, the Roman God of love, who is represented as a young boy with a bow and arrow.

Звучит музыка, выключается свет, зажигается прожектор, в лучах которого появляется священник. Он идёт медленно. В это время звучит голос из-за кулис:

«Valentine was a Christian priest in the Roman Empire 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ».

B1: My sweetheart, look! I can’t believe it. Is it St. Valentine himself?!

B2: You’re welcome, patron of lovers.

Священник: My Children! I’ve come from the distant past, to remind you of kindness and love, friendship and patience in your wicked world.

Not only when it’s Valentine’s Day

But always, all year through

You’re thought about with words of love

And wished much gladness, too!

B1: Do please take us back to the 1st century when the Roman Emperor Claudius II ruled our country.

Священник: All right! I see you love each other and may your dreams come true!

Свет выключается, из-за кулис слышится голос: «This is the legend of how Valentine’s Day began. When the Roman Emperor Claudius II needed soldiers, he made a law against marrying because he felt that marriage made men want to stay at home instead of fighting wars. But at that time there was a kind priest named Valentine. He couldn’t agree with the emperor’s decision. When he saw that young couples were truly in love, he married them secretly »

Далее следует инсценировка легенды. Выходят юноша и девушка. Они падают на колени и жестами умоляют священника совершить обряд бракосочетания. Священник выполняет их просьбу.

Священник: My daughter! My son! I declare you are husband and wife!

Звучит марш Мендельсона. Врывается стража:

Стражник 1: Priest, you have been discovered and condemned to death!

Стражник 2: To prison! To the Tower!

B1: Dear friends! St. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday! In the street there is freezing rain, and slush and sleet. The wind is fierce. The skies are grey. I don’t think I’ll go out today. But here inside the weather is warm. There is no trace of wind or storm. And you just made the morning shine. You said you’d be my Valentine.

B2: St. Valentine’s Day has become customary in Russia. Everybody looks forward to it with great anticipation. It’s the day of sending valentines, the day of confessing in love. It’s nice to meet you at our Valentine’s party.


Betty. Ben

Ben. What’s the matter?

Betty. I’m so tired! I’m always alone. You leave home early in the morning and don’t come back till seven.

Ben. One of us must go to work, dear.

Betty . Yes, your day is interesting and mine is so boring!

Ben. My work isn’t always interesting.

Betty. Ben

Ben. Yes, Betty.

Betty. Did you empty the bin?

Ben. Yes, I did empty the bin.

Betty. Did you send the letters?

Ben. Yes, I sent the letters.

Betty. Did you go to the supermarket?

Ben. M-m-m….

Betty. Did you feed the baby?

Ben. I did.

Betty Did you take the dog for a walk?

Ben. Yes, I did it, too.

Betty. Did you close the door?

Ben. I locked it.

Betty And did you …. finish the fence?

Ben. I did everything, Betty, everything.

Betty. But did you remember to …

Ben. Good night, Betty.

Betty . He doesn’t love me! He couldn’t even talk to me!

B1: I hope that Valentine’s Day will bring you lots of fun. He thinks you’re extra-escpecially nice. And so does everyone.


Bob. Hey, Mary! Here you are at last! Have you finished your exam at last?

Mary. Yes, I have.

Bob. Was it difficult?

Mary. Well? It was quite hard.

Bob. Did you pass?

Mary. I don’t know. He didn’t tell me.

Bob. What questions did he asked?

Mary. First, he asked me what my name was.

Bob. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Mary. Then he asked me where I came from, and he stared at me so…

Bob. How?

Mary. So passionately. He also asked if I was married and if I had a boyfriend.

Bob. Go on?

Mary. Then he asked if I lived with my parents and then he was interested in my address.

Bob. Anything else?

Mary. Oh! I’m trying to remember. Oh, yes! He wondered, if I was free tonight..

Bob. Is that all?

Mary. Oh, there were a lot of questions. He asked me what my hobbies were. And then he asked me what to go around the room…

Bob. What? I’ll kill him!

Mary. Bob! Stop!

B1: You know, the day is most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "valentines." Valentine symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten notes have largely given way to mass-produced greeting cards. The sending of Valentines was a fashion in the nineteenth century in Great Britain. They were the same as you can see here (презентация на экране). Also there were children’s and black American Valentines. (презентация на экране). And here there are well-known modern valentines. Poems (на цветных открытках)

Your heart is like a treasure,

A source of wealth to keep,

Impossible to measure…

Unfathomably deep.

2. Your love is like the ocean

That reaches deep inside,

My heart sweet with emotion

And I can’t the tide.

I’ll love you dear, I’ll love you

Till China and Africa meet

And rivers jump over the mountain

And the salmon sings in the street.

3. I’ll love you till the ocean

Is folded and hung up to dry

And the seven stars go squawking

Like geese about the sky.

4. You my sunshine,

My only sunshine.

You make me happy, when skies are grey.

You’ll never know, dear

How much I love you;

Please don’t make my sunshine away.

My love for you is

As high as a mountain

And as deep as the sea!

Be my valentine!

5. Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you.

6. Here’s a Valentine

And this is what it’s for

To say that every day

You are loved

More, more, more! (мальчики дарят девочкам розы)

B2: St. Valentine’s Day is a day of choosing sweethearts and the method of choosing sweethearts varied in different times and places. It could be a serious matter leading to marriage, or it could be a kind of a game. Now I will tell you about one of the ways how the English girls get to know their fortunes on St. Valentine’s Eve.

-APPLE’S SEEDS. They take an apple, cut it into four parts, count the seeds from the apple and find the fortune in the poem

One- I love

Two- I love

Three – I love, I say

Four – I love with all my heart,

Five – I coast away,

Six – he loves

Seven – she loves,

Eight – they both love,

Nine – he comes,

Ten – he tarries,

Eleven – he courts,

Twelve – he marries.

Стихотворение Р.Бернса “My Love…” на русском и английском языках.

B1: Now to widen your scope we’ll ask you some questions:

1. What colour is associated with St Valentine’s Day?
A) Orange cool Purple C) Red
2. What date is Valentine’s Day?
A) 15th of February
cool 14th of February
C) 8th of March
3. Which are the most common flowers given on St Valentine’s Day?
A) roses cool sunflowers C) snowdrops
4.Where did St Valentine live?
A) in Greece cool in Rome C) in Great Britain
5. Which Roman God is the symbol of St Valentine’s Day?
A) Eros cool Cupid C) Apollo
6. What greeting is often said on this day?
A) Happy love life! cool Good luck! C) Happy Valentine’s Day!
7. The girl St Valentine fall in love with was
A) deaf cool blind C) blind and deaf

(Викторина. Пословицы)

B2: Dear friends! We shall have a competition of proverbs and idioms about love. Who knows any? Don’t be shy! (Пословицы в шариках. Нужно проколоть шары и прочитать)

Love as the devil loves holy water.( Любить, как черт святую воду)
Love cannot be forced. (Насильно мил не будешь)
Love conquers everything. (Для любви нет преград)
Love in a cottage. (С милым рай в шалаше)
Love is blind. (Любовь слепа – полюбишь и козла)
Love is neither bought, nor sold. (Любовь не продается, не покупается)
Love makes the world go round. (Для любви нет преград)
Love should not be all on one side. (Любовь должна быть взаимной)
Love will find a way.(Любовь все побеждает)

В1: It has become a tradition for many couples to be engaged on St Valentine’s Day. Let’s remember some famous couples. On each part there is a name of a famous person. You are to match the famous couples:





















Игра «Валентин и Валентина».

B2: Each of you is going to get half of a heart. At the starting signal try to find the person who has the matching piece. When two players have made a match they line up.

(Для игры понадобятся бумажные сердечки, количество которых равно половине количества участников данного конкурса. Сердечки разрезаются на две части зигзагообразной линией и перемешиваются. Каждый участник получает половинку сердца. По сигналу ведущего начинается поиск пары, у которой есть вторая соответствующая половинка сердца. Когда два игрока найдут свои половинки, они выстраиваются в линию).

В1: Now we are going to make up a story to define love. What’s love? Can you define love?

LOVE IS… a tender of feeling,

LOVE IS… a way of being,

LOVE IS… just showing someone you care.

LOVE IS… helping with the dishes,

LOVE IS… feeding your pet fishes,

LOVE IS… just giving from your heart.


For you and me

Oh! LOVE is the greatest thing in the world.

B2: Dear friends, guests! Our performance is over. We hope all of you liked our party. And we’d like to thank all those who took part in it and our visitors at the same time for their patience, applauses and we wish you LOVE, HAPPINESS and BEAUTY! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Good bye!
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